As retailers, there can be an endless amount of choices and options — the important thing is being able to choose your focus. It’s important to recognize when there’s a need for change, whether it’s coming from external factors like the industry, fluctuating trends, or an evolving clientele.

Assisting our retailers is foremost and we are enthusiastic in creating marvels of carpets which can make the floor a beautiful place to stroll on. We comprehend the demand and do everything in our capacity to address the needs of our consumers. From budget shaggy rugs to hand-woven showstoppers, our products are sure to meet the eyes just as the budget. We are dedicated to provide our consumers the opportunity and affordability to embellish their floors in the latest fashion and colors.
Additional to the above benefits stockists will be provided with IT services, photography and videography services, if needed.
If you are interested in becoming an ANG stockist, please fill the following details.