We are submitted in giving our employees a sound and safe condition, which is in conformity to all national and applicable laws.
ANG Exports has made a pledge to supportable advancement with a methodology grounded in environmental, social and moral values.

No Child Labour - It is our organisation’s approach not to employ anyone under the age of 18. We immovably accept that children right to opportunities, education and freedom must be respected.

Health and security - The well-being and security of our workers is of central significance and we offer a healthy workplace that conforms to all the national laws and is often inspected by third parties. Repeated training sessions are held to equip our workers with essential knowledge of fire safety, besides PPE sessions once in a while to limit and counter any occupational hazards. We even have a rescue vehicle accessible for any emergency episode.

Wages and advantages - As per guidelines of the government of India, all our workers are paid above the minimum wages. Every one of our workers have bank accounts in which their monthly salary gets credited. In conformity to the factories act, our employees additionally avail all the legal benefits like Provident Fund, ESIC, Bonuses, and so forth. Through our ties with government bodies, we also administer labor welfare schemes. Grants are additionally given to the children of employees.

Abuse/Harassment and Non Discrimination - Discrimination and abuse are strictly discouraged far and wide in our organization. Every single worker is treated with deference and nobility and they are encouraged to perform to the best of their individual capacities.

Women Workers - Amid escalating societal imbalances, we do our best to emancipate women through recurrent skill development programs. To additionally guarantee their security, a closely monitored pick and drop facility is provided. We have an Anti-Sexual Harassment advisory group that encourages female workers to report any kind of physical or lewd behavior against them.

As a Feature of Our Social Responsibility

We give instructive visits to children of Government Schools to enlighten them with the realm of marketing and export firms. Urge our workers to play sports and furthermore support them for Inter-organization competitions. Make yearly donations to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund to help offer alleviation to survivors of Natural disasters.

Craftsmen have honed the skills of weaving that have been passed down from one generation to the next. We ensure livelihood (to these assets) so the art and skill survive and live on. We at Heritage Overseas provide a healthy work place, dignity and respect that they truly deserve.

Sustainable Energy
We feel responsible for our environment and have taken steps to contribute in creating a sustainable environment that we can leave to the future generation. The company believes in lowering its carbon footprint and to meet its energy needs, we have installed solar power plant on the roof top of our factory. This ensures we get 100 KW of pure unpolluting energy. It is a small step towards lowering the pollution of our city.